Group overview

The Microelectronics and Nanostructures (MN) group is one of 6 research groups within the School of Electrical Engineering and Electronics. Our research covers materials growth and synthesis, nano electronic and photonic devices, advanced spectroscopy and imaging, modelling and novel architectures.  We have close links to other groups within the School (Microwave Engineering, Communication Engineering and Industrial Process Tomography) as well as collaboration with other departments within The University of Manchester (Physics, Materials, Instrumentation and Analytical Science and the Photon Science Institute).

Beyond The University of Manchester we have strong links to many other UK and overseas university research groups as well as with the semiconductor device and communications industries. Research students working in MN are invariably involved with one or more of these collaborations. There are 8 academic staff within MN and you are welcome to contact any of them to seek more information about projects.

The head of the group is Professor Bruce Hamilton and you are welcome to contact him directly.

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