Md Rishad Ahmed

Md Rishad Ahmed
Md Rishad Ahmed

The Power Conversion group has world class research facilities, supportive academics and colleagues.

Project title: High Performance Power Electronic Converters

Before I joined the Power Conversion group…

I came to Manchester in Autumn 2012 to do a Masters in the Power Conversion group. Before that I was working in Bangladesh in the energy and power sector as a research engineer. The Masters programme here truly inspired me to pursue PhD in the field of power electronics. My performance in the programme and my industrial experience helped me to get the funding for my PhD studies. 

I chose Power Conversion because …

After finishing my Masters in the Power Conversion group I decided to opt for a research career. I thought PhD would be the perfect degree for me if I want to join the academic world. During the Masters programme I saw the research facilities of the group. I realised that the laboratories here are suitable for world class research. Friendly and supportive colleagues within the group and the vibrant nature of the city of Manchester also influenced me to choose this group for my PhD.

How do you think you are benefiting from studying in Power Conversion?

I enjoy working on cutting-edge research questions in the field of power electronic converters. While in the group my analytical and communication skills have been developed by several folds. I am working with the state of the art technologies to prepare myself as a world class researcher. My active involvement within the professional organizations such as IEEE, IET and EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics is helping me to develop my leadership and communication skills. I am also working as a demonstrator in different undergraduate labs and as a pastoral adviser at a university hall. 

What advice would you give to students considering applying for a PhD?

The academic and social environment is great within the power conversion group. The group is also well connected to the UK power electronics community. I have been working in projects related to industrial applications which involve several other UK universities. The expertise of other researchers is also helpful because of good communications between the group members. So, if you want a good opportunity for developing new power-electronic concepts Manchester would be a very good choice. 

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