Prof. Patricia Thornley

Director of EPSRC UK Supergen Bioenergy Hub


Professor Patricia Thornley is Professor of Sustainable Energy Systems. She is based at the Tyndall Research Centre, which is within the Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester. She is also the Director of EPSRC UK SUPERGEN Bioenergy Hub.

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    Energy access is one of the global sustainable development goals and energy access for poor people worldwide is really important because it empowers people, allowing them to provide their energy needs increase mobility and trade, manufacture goods, facilitate food storage and access education,. About 1.2 billion people around the world don’t have access to clean energy and, given population growth projections, providing access to energy via conventional methods would result in significant environmental stress and resource depletion. So it is important that we look at different energy sources. Many areas in the world where population is increasing are projected to suffer significant climate impacts. These will significantly impact on rural communities. These don’t have access to significant infrastructures but do have significant biomass supply so can produce bioenergy, giving access to clean, low-carbon energy. In Manchester we are interested in looking at how bioenergy solutions can be integrated into different geographical and social contexts to deliver against development goals.

    All if this is underpinned by detailed engineering understanding of the system. This allows us to design processes that are efficient, environmentally benign and delivers what people really want. The aim is to understand the feedstock, pre-processing and conversion technologies, environmental, social and economic impact s simultaneously to holistically appraise bioenergy systems using process modeling, life-cycle assessment and a variety of other simulation and modeling tools.

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