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Research interests


Design of consumer-focused control solutions for networks of smart buildings. This advanced control framework has to be able to manage local generation capabilities and storage devices, as well as to incorporate users into the design, with their preferences and their uncertainty; this way, the building is smartened, thus is responsive to building's occupants in order to improve their comfort and allow smart appliances and heating systems to be on the market and respond to utility signals.The benefits for consumers can be diverse, e.g., reduction of the electricity bill, improving of living conditions, supporting a more environmentally friendly energy behaviour. 

Control frameworks for large-scale optimal coordination of  energy distributed resources. The next-generation electric grid will become more actively managed, taking advantage of opportunities afforded by flexible demand, distributed generation and energy storage to support efficient network operation. Novel advanced and systematic control frameworks are required to optimally coordinate all the energy assets and match supply to demand by making use of real-time information and taking uncertainty inot account; developed algorithms must be scalable and deployable at a huge distributed scale supported by local decisions and global coordination. 

Energy management systems for reducing the energy consumed during the manufacturing processes. Integrated and holistic decision making frameworks for industrial processes need to address sustainability targets along with standard production objectives, including energy waste and inventory management, deregulation of the electricity markets and the increasing presence of unpredictable renewable energy sources. 


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