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Communication Engineering MSc student Shreya Sangle

Shreya Sangle

The University of Manchester has been the perfect combination for me with its high ranking in electronics and telecommunication engineering and its broad course structure. The MSc Communication Engineering course structure particularly interested me as it focused on wired and wireless communication while also maintaining a balance with other communication engineering concepts to match an individual’s knowledge at a postgraduate level.

Pratik Deshpande is an Communication Engineering MSc student at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Pratik Deshpande

The course has a good blend of modules ranging from the physical layer to the application layer such as RF systems, Microwave circuits, wireless networks and AD-HOC networks, Antenna propagation. I was introduced to software’s such as MATLAB, Agilent ADS and CTS Microwave Studio which are widely used in the industry. The labs are well equipped with the latest equipments and a good computer cluster with all the latest software’s installed in it. The skills which I have gained here will be appreciated in the industry.

Edwin Mugume is a MSc student in Communication Engineering at the

Edwin Mugume

Manchester had always been my University of choice because its high stature in the academic world and its consistently high teaching and research standards. For example, Manchester always ranks highly in the academic league tables. The quality of the curriculum of the MSc. Communication Engineering course is to me the best in the UK.>

The quality of the course content and the high quality of lecturers was very impressive. I enjoyed attending lecturers and listening to experts in their different fields. The research period was also very enjoyable for me and I was impressed with the availability and willingness of my supervisor to guide me on my research. He enabled me to discover my passion for research.

I acquired research skills like feasibility study, preparing project proposals, presentation of results, etc. I also improved my communication and analytical skills. Above all, I feel more confident about myself.

Communication Engineering MSC student Khaled Rabie

Khaled Rabie

Manchester University Masters in Communication engineering was the only degree I saw, which was not too specialised in one area but which gave a broader understanding in the communication engineering field, yet it also covered those areas in depth to match a postgraduate knowledge level. And Manchester is one of the most popular student cities in the Europe which I really enjoyed during my stay.

There are many reasons that made me enjoy the course, for instance, the lecturers are very knowledgeable, helpful and patient. During my project, my supervisor was very flexible and gave me a lot of support and guidance which helped me a lot to progress significantly. Moreover, every student gets a personal tutor to consult in case of facing academic difficulties, personal problems etc.

The modules of the MSc course covered all the up-to-date views of communication and telecommunication engineering such as Microwave, Optical and Semi-Conductor Devices and in more depth mobile communications, networks and wireless technologies.

Rosheena Khan is a Communication Engineering MSc student at the University of Manchester

Rosheena Khan

My decision to opt for an MSc in Communication Engineering at the University of Manchester was made after thorough search for both a prestigious University with a high engineering rank and an MSc Communication Engineering degree which covered all the necessary courses on a broad scale. I feel that I made the right decision by selecting the degree as I took great pleasure in it.

The course is of great benefit to someone who would want a broad understanding of the different and diverse communication and technology standards. The professors at the University are highly qualified and put in all efforts to make the course interesting and useful by allowing the students to question them anytime during the lecture or otherwise. Besides the course, the life at the University was really enjoyable. I made a lot of friends from diverse backgrounds and cultures, it really felt great to be surrounded by such great people and so proved to be a wonderful experience. The University is placed in the primary location of Manchester where one can enjoy student as well as social life. After completing the degree and returning to my homeland, I am currently working at Ericsson, Pakistan.

I feel that the skills that I have developed and the knowledge that I have acquired while being a part of the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in particular and the University of Manchester in general, will definitely be useful for my future career.

Zheng Wang was an MSc Communication Engineering student

Zheng Wang

This course offered me a thorough insight into communications and motivated me to pursue an industrial based PhD degree in UK which provides the best education all over the world. Moreover, the greatest benefit it brings to me is the confidence and much clearer understanding about the communications. Therefore, I am deeply impressed by the further research about Communications and it looks like an excellent opportunity for me to further enhance my understanding about it.

Life in Manchester is excellent! Secondly, Manchester has convenient transportation as well as versatile cultures such as football and music.

Now, I'm a PHD student of Imperial College and work on the further research about Communications.

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