95% of our students go on to work and/or further study within six months of graduation (Unistats 2012).


Siemens plc
National Grid
National Instruments
  • Siemens Plc

    "Our relationship with The University of Manchester, as well as our involvement with the Power Academy, provides us with the quality of engineers that we require to meet our future business needs. We want to recruit professional engineers who enjoy analysing technical requirements, specifying innovative solutions and being involved in the installation and commissioning of vital infrastructure projects for the UK, both onshore and offshore.

    "Students who come to work for us typically undertake a graduate training programme to ensure they obtain a full appreciation of the different engineering disciplines involved in the delivery of our exciting energy."

    Kevin Hweling, Engineering Manager Siemens plc

  • National Grid

    "The essence of a Manchester graduate is a sound grounding in engineering with a focus on power engineering - which, in our experience, enables them to impact on our business immediately.

    "The links with National Grid and the Power Academy mean that Manchester graduates are part of a strong network and have a wider appreciation of the exciting challenges faced by the energy industry. This means they add real value to our business, as we seek to play our part in balancing the critical issues of security of supply, affordability and sustainability."

    Chris Murray, Director UK Transmission National Grid

  • National Instruments, UK and Ireland

    "We actively recruit electrical and electronic engineering graduates from Manchester, as we consider the skills, knowledge and quality of these graduates to be exceptionally good."

    Robert Morton, Managing Director National Instruments, UK and Ireland

  • Rolls-Royce

    "It is important that we have well-qualified engineers coming into the company, and we target specific centres to ensure that we have a flow of well-qualified graduates. It is important to us that we play to the interests and ambitions of students through the industrial placements, which can be up to 12 weeks.

    "Students who come to work with us have a couple of years grounding within their chosen field. They come to the company and we would typically have a major programme for them to work on, where they will make a genuine contribution to the company."

    Brian Simmers, Engineering Manager Rolls-Royce

Where are they now?

You can see where some of our past students have gone on to work at on the alumni profiles page.

Vinit Date
Vinit Date
Vinit is a Instrument and Protective System Engineer at BP

" This course gave a complete overview of the control engineering world."

Konstantinos Korakitis
Konstantinos Korakitis
Konstantinos is a Drives Systems Engineer, ABB

"I truly appreciated the eagerness of the course lecturers to preserve a very high quality of teaching, which puts The University of Manchester at the forefront of the engineering institutions."

Sheheera Ismail
Sheheera Ismail
Sheheera is a Research Assistant at the SISP Group

"The lab session on my course covered many software integrated development environments, like design software and languages such as MATLAB and assembly language programming."

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