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The International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education features new developments in the teaching of electrical engineering and electronics at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

The editors welcome papers on all topics within this overall context, from power systems to microelectronics.

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About the journal: in brief   

The International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education (IJEEE) was founded in Manchester in 1948 as the Bulletin of Electrical Engineering Education, and has appeared in its current format since 1963. Previously published by Manchester University Press, IJEEE is now published online and in print by SAGE as a 96-page, peer-reviewed quarterly. IJEEE is edited at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering by

  • Editor in Chief: Geoff Rubner
  • Associate Editors: Judith Apsley, Alex Casson, Christopher Duff, Joaquin Carrasco Gomez, Ognjen Marjanovic, Max Migliorato,  Hujun Yin

We are delighted to acknowledge the support of a distinguished international panel of editorial advisors.

Scope IJEEE papers typically present technological or methodological innovations in teaching methods, new designs for teaching labs or projects, or new educational approaches to existing problems. Authors should demonstrate how the featured work advances student learning, and represents good teaching practice, for example by including:

  • comparison of new with traditional or existing approaches 
  • report on evaluation of educational merit/learning outcomes 
  • assessment methods 
  • student experience and feedback 
  • proposed future extension of teaching methods

For paper submission and guidelines and comprehensive information about online publication, subscriptions, access to the archive of past papers, sample journal, permissions, etc. please refer to the SAGE website. For any other editorial queries contact the Editorial Office at ijeee@sagepub.co.uk

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