Vision for the future

Electrical technology is transforming our world, changing the way we work and play. It's redefining fields of human endeavour as diverse as healthcare, engineering and government. Electrical engineering will provide the technical solutions for climate change via the research and development of renewables, energy storage systems and clean technology.

Our School is centred on these challenges and is world leading in the area of electrical energy and power systems. At the same time world-class electrical engineering research is driven by the challenge of reducing electrical energy consumption.

A prime example is the increasing energy consumption associated with the world wide web. Staggeringly, the web already consumes 5% of global electricity and it is set to double in complexity every two years. Another research theme of the School is driven by predicted global food and water shortages caused by over population and global warming.

We specialise in agri-electronics which uses electrical technology to improve farming yields and to reduce waste in the food supply chain. We believe that we are uniquely positioned to provide technical solutions to these globally critical research challenges.

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