For employers - student and graduate recruitment

There are a number of ways your company can work with the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering to the benefit of both parties. These range from delivering guest presentations to undergraduate and postgraduate students, sponsoring student projects and prizes, to providing work placements to students as part of their degree programmes. We also encourage interactions from employers who wish us to provide continuing professional development (CPD) for their staff. We have a broad network of relationships with national and international companies for example, Agilent, BP, Goodrich, IBM, Intel, P&G and Shell.

Postgraduate taught courses (PGT)

We offer a range of one-year Master of Science degree courses. Each programme covers a specialist subject and is taught predominantly by staff from the related research group in the School. All our Msc courses are approved by the IET. Companies are invited to provide sponsorship of students either by seconding their own employees or by offering scholarships. In addition industrial involvement is welcomed in providing title for dissertation projects, which run from Easter to September each year.

Individual modules may also be used as part of an employee's Continued Professional Development programme (CPD).

Read more about MSc Courses.

Contact: Dr Geoffrey Baines

Undergraduate industrial experience year

All our undergraduate degrees have the option for students to include one year in industry as part of their degree. Many companies find this offers an ideal way of interacting with undergraduate students and can help with future recruitment.

Read more about degrees with Industrial Experience.

Masters of Engineering (MEng) student projects

The MEng is a four-year undergraduate degree only open to those students who are of proven high academic ability. A substantial part of the fourth year is a group project typically involving four students over approximately eight months. Involvement from companies in proposing, advising or otherwise sponsoring such projects is welcomed.

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