Industrial activities overview

The School values its portfolio of interactions with business and industry, which ranges from short-term projects to long-term strategic relationships. 

Our current industrial collaborations encompass many blue-chip engineering companies such as Rolls-Royce, National Grid, EDF, Electricity North West Ltd, Airbus, National Instruments, Syngenta and many more.

The School recognises the need to interact on a wide range of levels to meet varying needs of different businesses. Many partners engage with us purely for research activities in order to to advance their knowledge base and develop solutions. Others prioritise postgraduate training, undergraduate recruitment or seek further development of existing research solutions.

We benefit from strategic input by our Industrial Advisory Group, which is comprised of representatives from companies who work in both teaching and research arenas. Through our research programmes and capital investment we have developed a range of progressive facilities, some of which are unique in the UK. These facilities can be used in collaborative work with companies to test various systems and materials.

Some of the most popular methods of business interaction include:

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