Arago Technology

Arago Technology was incorporated in early 2010 following several years of joint research and development by EPL Composites Solutions and a team from the National Grid High Voltage Labs at The University of Manchester.

The majority of the current research and development being done by Arago Technology is focused on creating an electrically insulating transmission tower cross-arm. The Composite Cross-Arm is suitable for retrofit to existing transmission towers or as an option for new line build. This technology is not limited to a specific tower size and can be adapted to suit any tower.

For the up-rating of existing lines, the Composite Cross-Arm allows tower voltages to be increased without any change to the overall tower structure or height. The increase in voltage will usually require a change in the conductor (the wire carried by the towers). Significant improvements in power transfer capability can be achieved through the combination of the Composite Cross-Arm with the use of a low sag novel conductor to increase current.

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