A North West success story, the new start-up company CableSense originated from a business based in Morecambe, Lancashire. Over the last few years the founders have collaborated with the University of Lancaster and the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at The University of Manchester, with support from the highly competitive TSB Technology Programme.

The UMIP Premiere fund has invested £500,000 in CableSense to bring to market its intelligent infrastructure management systems.

CableSense has developed an innovative product to manage enterprise-wide structured cabling systems. CableSense's solution is differentiated by being readily retro-fittable at a low cost to existing cabling installations. The system utilises CableSense's proprietary technology for network cable monitoring, scanning and mapping, substantially reducing all the cost elements of maintaining and running a network, including the cost and complexity of moves, adds and changes, fault identification and diagnosis, inventory management and capital expenditure through the identification and re-use of redundant equipment and capacity.

John Kelly, the founder and Technical Director of CableSense stated:

"This investment provides a fantastic platform for CableSense to productise its technology and prove its business model. Both MTI and UMIP have worked hard to help us put the corporate structure and commercial foundations behind this business and with our technical approach I’m confident that we can fill a substantial gap in the market"

Investment Manager of MTI Partners, Mark Rahn said:

"CableSense proves two things. Firstly that it is possible to build great start-up companies through all North West corporate and multiple university collaborations and secondly that it is possible to shape up a great product and business model in less than a year via UMIP's process. This is simple but clever technology that if positioned properly in the market has great potential."


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