Best Paper Award for EEE Phd Student

An EEE PhD student Miss Nur Sarma, Dr Judith Apsley and Dr Siniša Djurović have been awarded the Best Paper Prize for their paper on “Implementation of a Conventional DFIG Stator Flux Oriented Control Scheme using Industrial Converters” presented at the 5th IEEE International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Application (ICRERA) held in Birmingham, UK on 20 - 23 November 2016.

Nur Sarma receiving her award

IEEE ICRERA, one of the high quality scientific conferences held in the field is technically and financially supported by IEEE communities of PELS, IES and IAS. 250 technical papers were presented at this year’s conference by participants from 46 countries.

The paper presents a vector control implementation procedure for a small-scale doubly-fed induction generator test facility utilising standard industrial converters. Industrial converters can pose significant limitations in design of standard vector controlled doubly-fed induction generator arrangements due to inherent limitations in available pre-programmed inverter operation modes. This work presents a practical method for implementation of a conventional doubly-fed induction generator stator flux oriented vector control scheme on industrial converters via a dSPACE real-time platform and a commercial speed/position communication module. The developed control algorithm implementation procedure is validated in laboratory tests on a 30 kW DFIG system.

Attendance of the conference was made possible because of a student bursary from the UK Magnetics Society (MagSoc); the Faculty of Science and Engineering MDC Conference Travel Fund; and, The Power and Energy Division. Furthermore, the research project has been funded by the Turkish Ministry of Education.

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