Dr Danoon and Prof Brown Win the EuCAP 2016 Best Paper Award

Laith Danoon and Tony Brown Win the EuCAP 2016 Best Paper Award

The European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP) is the largest and most prestigious conference in Europe in this area. During this year’s EuCAP 2016, there were over 1200 delegates and attendees to the conference with 1000 papers presented from 60 counties.  This year the best paper award in the Propagation category was won by Dr Laith Danoon, Mr Waleed Al Mashhadani and Prof Anthony Brown for work undertaken on the impact of wind farms on radar performance.

The paper entitled “Modeling the Impact of Offshore Wind Farms on Safety Radars Onboard Oil and Gas Platforms” addresses an important aspect of the interaction between offshore wind farms and radars operating within close proximity of the large structures. Concerns from stakeholders over such interactions may result in formal objections and severe delays to the development of proposed wind farms. The University of Manchester is  often consulted in such matters to provide technical advice and modelling services to assess and identify potential impact and mitigation measures. The award comes in recognition of the importance and quality of the research and its impact on industry. Dr Danoon and Professor Brown’s research on this topic was nominated for the IET’s The Engineer Technology and Innovation Award 2009 while Dr Danoon has won the Excellent Young Wind Doctor Award by the European Academy for Wind Energy (EAWE) 2011.




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