Gain modulation by graphene plasmons in aperiodic lattice lasers 

Journal: Science
Publication date: 15 January 2016
Authors: S Chakraborty, O P Marshall, T G Folland, Y-J Kim, A N Grigorenko and K S Novoselov

Graphene ballistic nano-rectifier with very high responsivity 

Journal: Nature Communications
Publication date: 31 May 2016
Authors: Gregory Auton, Jiawei Zhang, Roshan Krishna Kumar, Hanbin Wang, Xijian Zhang, Ernie Hill and Aimin Song

Surface Plasmon Polariton Graphene Photodetectors 

Journal: Nano Letters
Publication date: 14 December 2015
Authors: T.J. Echtermeyer, S. Milana, U. Sassi, A. Eiden, M. Wu, E. Lidorikis and A.C. Ferrari

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