Control Systems

Key Facts

9 academics
10 PDRAs
31 PhD students


EPSRC: £650,000
Industry and others: £2.3M

Work with:

BP Exploration
National Nuclear Laboratories
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
TMOS International

The Group focuses on the development and implementation of control design methods, as well as process monitoring and diagnostics, with applications in oil and gas, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, automotive, aerospace, and nuclear industries.

Our achievements include pioneering work in negative imaginary systems and robustness analysis of non-square systems, now standard tools in nano-positioning force-feedback control for atomic force microscopy, and a novel structure in constrained distributed control (stabilising the storage beam at the Diamond Light Source synchrotron).

We have an expanding role in autonomous systems and in smart grids (with EEPS and PC), where achievements include the design and commissioning of a control system for waste-water treatment with spin-out company Perceptive Engineering and successful implementation of pipeline monitoring by acoustic reflectometry.

Head of Group: Dr William Heath

MSc in Advanced Control and Systems Engineering

Our MSc teaching programme was established in 1968 and many of our graduates now have leading positions in industry and academia. The programme covers both fundamental theory and the very latest state of the art applied technology. 


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