Robotics for the Nuclear Industry

The Control Systems group works very closely with the Dalton Nuclear Institute at The University of Manchester, where Professor Lennox holds the EPSRC Chair in Nuclear Decommissioning. The focus of the work conducted by the group is to develop robotic systems able to support the decommissioning of nuclear facilities. In particular the group is working in the following fields:

  • developing mobile robots (aerial, submersible and ground-based) able to monitor and explore radioactive areas.
  • designing the low-level control systems for the mobile robots, such that they can react to changes in environment or vehicle dynamics.
  • exploring methods which allow multiple mobile robots to work cooperatively. This includes many disparate technologies including distributed estimation, control and optimisation and the integration of intelligence in to the systems.
  • optimisation techniques for path planning.

The nuclear based work is very closely related to the autonomous systems work that is conducted both within the School and the Faculty.

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