Electrical Energy and Power Systems

Key Facts

14 academics
34 PDRAs
84 PhD students
80 MSc students
10 Academic visitors


Research council, government and charity: £6M
Industry and others: £6M

The Group focuses on future networks, with research into the design and operation of power-system plant, transmission networks, and smart low-carbon distribution networks, and the development of HVDC expertise. 

Achievements, facilitated by one of the best academic experimental facilities in the UK, include award-winning spin-out company Arago Technology, contributing to the design of Europe's first ester-filled 90MVA green transformer, development of a new approach to wide-area protection using GPS, integration within the European Monitoring System of the first GB-based phasor measurement system and a new method for optimal accommodation of distributed generation.

Companies we work with: ABB, ALSTOM Grid, Arago, ARKEMA, Doble, Dow, E.On, EDF, Electricity North West, EPL Composites, First Hydro, GE, Hitachi, Locamation, M&I Materials, Mitsubuishi, National Grid, National Instruments, Rolls Royce, Scottish & Southern Energy, Scottish Power, Shell, Siemens T & D Limited, TJH2B, Toshiba, UK Power Networks, Vestas, Weidmann. 

Head of GroupProfessor Jovica Milanovic

MSc courses in Electrical Power Systems Engineering

We offer both 1 year and 2 year MSc courses in Electrical Power Systems Engineering. Our courses were first delivered in 1963 and has been running continuously ever since. It has produced more than 1,000 masters graduates, who have taken leading positions in industry and universities around the world.

We have recently introduces a Distance Learning version of the MSc in Electrical Power Systems Engineering.  This provides the flexibility for those that are currently in employment to study with us.


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