Research grants


  1. Kopsidas, Preece, Milanovic. European Commission.  Impact of New TEchnologies and GRId codes on the local Distribution network of nuclear power plants (INTEGRID). January 2015-May 2016, €101,000.
  2. Levi, Crossley, Milanovic, Preece, Terzija. Parsons Brinckerhoff Limited. ENA/SGF work stream 7 study into the 2030 distribution system July 2014-July 2015, £228,902
  3. Terzija. Scottish & Sothern Energy, Collaboration Agreement in relation to a collaborative project undertaken in connection with the Network Innovation Competition (VISOR), June 2014- June 2017, £454,714
  4. Milanovic, Wang Z. National Grid, Probablistic Power System Network Asset Reliability Decision Support Tool, May 2014-November 2015, £190,962
  5. Ochoa. EDF, Planning and Operation of Future Meshed MV and LV Networks, May 2014-March 2015, £8,360
  6. Ochoa. Electricity North West Ltd, Equipment - Ferranti PV System, March 2014-September 2014, £48,600
  7. Peesapati, Rowland. National Grid, Live-Line Rope Termination Study, February 2014-February 2016, £11,896
  8. Milanovic. EPSRC, Role of Energy Storage in Enhancing Operation and Stability Performance of Sustainable Power Systems (RESTORES), February 2014-February 2017, £339,856
  9. Cotton. The University of Manchester, Manchester Energy Interdisciplinary Summer School, January 2014-June 2014, £20,348
  10. Mancarella. Hitachi Ltd, Techno-economic assessment of business cases for multi-energy demand response, December 2013-December 2017, £129,337
  11. Mancarella. European Commission, District Information Modeling and Management for Energy Reduction (DIMMER), November 2013-November 2016, £299,587
  12. Cotton, Smith. European Commission. Partial Discharge Management in Compact Insulation Systems (PDMAN), October 2013-October 2015, £266,595
  13. Ochoa. Electricity North West Ltd. Reactive Power Exchange Application Capability Transfer, September 2013-September 2014, £210,000
  14. Ochoa, Mancarella, Carassco Gomez. Scottish & Sothern Energy, 12EV: My Electric Avenue, September 2013-September 2015, £198,930
  15. Li, Milanovic, Ochoa, Wang Z. Electricity North West Ltd, ENWL Class-Data Capture, Analysis, Modelling and Dissemination, August 2013-August 2015, £830,443
  16. Cotton, Forsyth, Todd, Terzija, Ochoa, Dryfe (Chemistry). EPSRC Manchester-Liverpool Advanced Grid-Scale Energy Storage R&D Facilities, July 2013-April 2015, £2,130,000
  17. Wang, Liu, Alstom, Weidmann. Electrical Technology, UK Power Networks, TJH2B Analytical Laboratories, Shell Research Ltd, SP Power Systems, National Grid, M&I Materials, Transformer Research Consortium, July 2013-July 2017, £1,050,000
  18. Terzija, Milanovic. EPSRC, Advanced Communication and Control for the Prevention of Blackouts (ACCEPT), June 2013-June 2016, £473,225
  19. Mutale, Mancarella, Hamilton, Ochoa, Shuttleworth, Mander, Thornley, Gilbert. EPSRC, Whole System Impacts and Socio-economics of Wide Scale PV Integration (WISE PV), May 2013-May 2016, £585,852
  20. Liu, Wang Z. Hyundai, Partial Discharge Behaviours of Transformer Insulation, May 2013-May2014, £28,000
  21. Mancarella, Cotton. Electricity North West Ltd, Tier 2 Capacity to Customers (Low Carbon Network), April 2013-April 2015, £232,943
  22. Ochoa, Mancarella. Electricity North West Ltd, Assessing the benefits of reactive power compensation in HV Networks, March 2013-March 2014, £106,319
  23. Ochoa, Carassco Gomez, Li. Electricity North West Ltd, Low Voltage Integrated Automation (LoVIA), March 2013-March 2014, £110,862
  24. Cotton. National Grid, Transients and clearances in the future electrial transmission systems, March 2013-September 2016, £45,710
  25. Mancarella. National Grid, Techno-economic and realiability analysis of integrated electricity and gas (with studentship), March 2013-September 2016, £55,520
  26. Rowland, Cotton. National Grid, FEA Modelling and Testing of Insulators for T-Pylon, February 2013-July 2013, £125,344
  27. Liu, Wang Z. Electricity North West, Producing a Policy for Best Practice of Oil Regeneration, February 2013-May 2014, £159,913
  28. Milanovic. European Commission, Smart distribution system operation for maximising the integration of renewable generation (SUSTAINABLE), January 2013-January 2016, £445,000
  29. Cotton, Rowland. Freer Materials, European Commission. Novel coating system for power electronics in aerospace environments (PECOAT), January 2013-May 2015, £290,541
  30. Mancarella. European Commission, COOPERATE, January 2013-January 2016, £257,329
  31. Cotton, Liebherr Elektronic Gmbh, Testing re partial discharge performance of aerospace electrical machines, November 2012-March 2014, £54,370
  32. Cotton. EPSRC, Manchester Energy Centre, October 2012-March 2013, £62,500
  33. Kopsidas, EPSRC, Supergen HubNet, Increasing Utilisation of Overhead Lines for Efficient and Flexible Smart Networks (studenship), September 2012- February 2016, £99,000
  34. Crossley. National Grid, Reliability assessment of system integrity protection schemes, September 2012-September 2013, 96,092
  35. Kopsidas, EPSRC KTA, Natinal Grid, UK Power Networks, A tool for evaluating overhead line performance under novel technology implementations, April 2012-November 2012, £62,343
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