Major projects

Imaging of electrical trees in high voltage insulation

The techniques developed in this research allow the development of the “electrical tree” to be observed in three dimensions.

Visualisation of Real Time System Dynamics using Enhanced Monitoring – VISOR

‌VISOR is a groundbreaking project that will demonstrate the role of innovative measurement technologies and wide area monitoring in delivering the smart transmission system that is necessary to realise the UK’s ambitious low carbon future.


RESTORES aims to develop an understanding of the extent at which energy storage technologies can contribute to enhancing the ability of the system to cost-effectively integrate increased penetration of intermittent renewable generation by providing efficient and secure operation of sustainable power systems.  

Improving the stability of power systems using high voltage direct current power lines

New methods that enable distant renewable energy sources to supply electricity to the National Grid

Modelling the impact of low carbon technologies on LV networks

A Probabilistic Impact Assessment methodology has been developed to understand how increased use of low carbon technologies (i.e., PV, EHP, EV) will affect the supply of electricity to our homes.

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