Research areas

The group is involved in four main research areas

High voltage and power system plant

As the home to the National Grid High Voltage Research Centre, the EEPS group is very strong in many aspects of high voltage engineering. Particular areas of competency include transformer insulation and monitoring, polymeric insulation and power system transients and consumers.

Future power and energy systems

Operation, planning and analysis of power systems in the modern deregulated energy marketplace. Our research is closely linked to and motivated by the growth in distributed generation in the UK and around the world at one hand and by the need to replace or extend the life of existing ageing power system equipment.

Power system protection and communications

The importance of power system protection has been highlighted by recent blackouts and efforts continue in research relating to wide area protection leveraging other modern developments such as the global positioning satelittes. Work on power system communications both within and external to substations is also undertaken.

Smart distribution networks

With the transition towards a low carbon economy, small to medium scale generation as well as new types of loads will connect to distribution networks. This requires new intelligent ways of cost-effectively operating the network elements and participants for the benefit of the power system and consumers.

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