Future power and energy systems

We undertake research in areas of operation, planning and analysis of power systems in the modern deregulated energy marketplace. 

This research theme is closely linked to and motivated by the growth in distributed generation in the UK and around the world at one hand and by the need to replace or extend the life of existing ageing power system equipment.

It is also driven by the imperative to develop more sustainable energy systems with significant penetration of renewable energy sources as well as demand side participation within the context of smarter grids.


  • Professor Jovica Milanovic, Chartered Engineer, Fellow (foreign) of the Serbian Academy of Engineering Sciences, Fellow of the IET and IEEE and Distinguished IEEE PES Lecturer
    Power system dynamics, power quality, integration of embedded generation.
  • Dr Joseph Mutale, Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the IET and a senior member of the IEEE
    Sustainable energy systems, renewable and distributed energy systems, transmission and distribution network planning, network pricing, rural electrification.
  • Dr Victor Levi, Senior Member of IEEE and has long-term academic and industrial experience
    Development planning, risk assessment, economic analyses, application of optimisation and probabilistic methods to power system operations and control.
  • Dr Pierluigi Mancarella, member of IEEE and CIGRE, with active participation in the CIGRE C6/22 WG on “Microgrids”
    Smart Cities: integrating multiple energy vectors; Modelling and analysis of integrated energy systems and distributed multi-generation.
  • Dr Konstantinos Kopsidas, corresponding member of CIGRE WG C4.25.
    Overhead line planning and design with focus on novel conductor technologies and conductor ageing, thermal rating, insulation co-ordination, EMF interference and corona effects. New tower designs and smart technologies for increasing power transfer capacity of distribution and transmission networks. 

Research focus

Our research also involves advanced power system modelling and optimisation including

  • modelling and optimisation of multi energy carrier networks,
  • data analytics,
  • power system dynamics,
  • power quality.

Research projects

Project highlights

Other projects

  • Autonomic power systems (EPSRC)
  • Subsynchronous resonance in meshed AC/DC networks (EPSRC)
  • Smart distribution System operaTion for mAximizing the INtegration of renewABLE generation, SuSTAINABLE (EU FP7)
  • Hub Net (EPSRC)
  • Transformer and system reliability (NG)
  • Unbalance propagation in distribution networks (WPD)
  • Distributed Energy Resources Research Infrastructure (European Commission)
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