High Voltage and Power System Plant

HV research has been an integral part of the work of the EEPS group since the 1950s when the first laboratory was opened at the University. The National Grid High Voltage Research Centre is now home to the largest HV laboratory of any UK university and is capable of testing equipment designed for use on the 400kV power system.

Research work in the facility is split into a number of areas. Particular areas of competency include transformer insulation and monitoring, polymeric insulation and power system transients. We develop condition monitoring and lifetime assessment techniques for ageing power system plant infrastructure, study all the technical issues related to application of novel insulation materials in power system plant, and participate into technology innovation for aerospace applications.


Professor Simon Rowland
Reliability of dielectrics and electrical insulation, asset management of polymeric insulation systems, overhead line design and electrical treeing.Prof. Rowland was President of the IEEE Dielectric and Electrical Insulation Society in 2010 and 2011. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, IET and of the IoP, and was awarded the Duddell premium in 1994.

Professor Zhongdong Wang
Power Transformers, Insulating System, Transformer asset management, Thermal, electrical transient and magnetic modelling.Prof. Wang is a member of CIGRE Advisory Committee for D1.01 and a member of Editorial Board of IET Electric Power Applications. She is active in many CIGRE working groups e.g.  A2.35, A2.26 and D1.01.15.

Professor Ian Cotton
Novel overhead line solutions and efficient environmentally acceptable power system equipment, higher voltage aerospace / aircraft power systems, high voltage power electronic module design.Prof. Cotton is Director of Manchester Energy at the University of Manchester, a member of the IEC 61400-24 ‘Lightning Protection For Wind Turbine Generators’ Committee and a non-executive director of Arago Technology Limited. In 2006, he received the Royal Academy of Engineering Teaching Award. He is a Member of both the IET and IEEE and a Chartered Engineer.

Dr Konstantinos Kopsidas
Overhead line planning and design with focus on novel conductor technologies and conductor ageing, thermal rating, insulation co-ordination, EMF interference and corona effects.
New tower designs and smart technologies for increasing power transfer capacity of distribution and transmission networks.
Dr Kopsidas is a corresponding member of CIGRE WG C4.25.

Dr Qiang Liu
Liquid dielectrics, Liquid dielectric filled high voltage plant, Pre-breakdown and breakdown Phenomena, Ageing assessment of insulation materials, Static electrification, High voltage testing.
Dr. Qiang Liu is a member of IET and IEEE. He is member of Cigre working group D1.31 Dielectric Performance of Insulating Liquids. He is a steering group member of Universities High Voltage Network (UHVnet).

Research projects

Project highlights

Other projects

  • Composite Cross-Arms Phase 4 - SSE - LIVE TRIAL (SSE)
  • Composite Cross-Arms for Overhead Transmission Lines (NG)
  • Novel coating system for power electronics in aerospace environments (European Commission)
  • Transients and Clearances in the Future Electrical Transmission System (NG)
  • Partial Discharge Management in Compact Insulation Systems (European Commission)
  • Long Term Performance of Silicone-Based Composite Insulators (NG)
  • Acoustic emission from HV conductors (NG)
  • Supergen HubNet, Research Leadership and Networking for Energy Networks (EPSRC)
  • Transformation of the Top and Tail of Energy Networks (EPSRC)
  • Transformer Research Consortium Phase 3 (M&I Materials, NG, SP, Shell, TJH2b, UKPN and Weidmann)
  • Thermal monitoring and thermodynamic modelling of distribution transformers (ENWL)
  • Producing a Policy for Best Practice of Oil Regeneration (ENWL)
  • Partial discharge behaviours of transformer insulation (HHI)
  • Transformer and system reliability (NG)
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