Power system protection, control and communication

The importance of power system protection has been highlighted by recent blackouts and efforts continue in research relating to wide area protection leveraging other modern developments such as the global positioning satellites. Work on power system communications both within and external to substations is also undertaken.


Professor Peter Crossley
Power system protection, integration of renewable energy resources, isolated power systems.
Prof. Crossley is the director of Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Power Networks at The University of Manchester.

Professor Vladimir Terzija
Wide-area power system monitoring, switchgear control, modelling of arcing phenomena.
Prof. Terzija is the convenor of the Cigre Working Group B5.14 "Wide Area Protection and Control Technologies”.

Dr Haiyu Li
Power Systems Automations and Communication Systems with emphasis on the applied sciences for the design and development of more flexible and sustainable power systems or “Smart Grid” for the future. Dr. Li is Director of Electrical Energy and Power System MSc course, Members of CIGRE WG B5.38 “The Impact of Implementing Security Requirements using IEC 61850 “, WG B5.39 “Documentation requirements from design to operation to maintenance for Digital Substation Automation Systems”, and IEEE Power System cyber Security Task Force Working Group. He is a Member of both the IET and IEEE and a Chartered Engineer (CEng).

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