Research areas

Research expertise in communication systems engineering ranging from antennas and propagation through to the embedded system software

We specialise in integrating measurement and sensor techniques with communications systems for applications in complex electromagnetic environments.

There is extensive collaboration with other research groups, Government Departments and industry to identify solutions for data gathering, process control and monitoring. 

Our group considers a wide range of advanced topics applicable to communications and radar; from highly mobile wireless networks, propagation, microwave and milli-metric components, through to digital signal processing, coding and signal analysis.

Research focus

  • maximising capacity in crowded spectrums using advanced modulation, coding and MIMO techniques;
  • UWB communications;
  • ultra low-noise receiver architectures;
  • compact multifunctional 3D MMICs, transceivers with novel LH circuit techniques;
  • mobile antennas;
  • radar systems;
  • non-reciprocal components;
  • ad-hoc sensor networks;
  • numerical FDTD modelling of large scale propagation problems;
  • novel microwave devices, material measurements, microwave tomography and profiling.
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