Energy storage test facilities

Energy storage is becoming a key priority for many applications ranging from transport to renewables and AC-grid systems. The Group has recently received significant investment from EPSRC to enhance our facilities for the characterisation and system integration of high-power energy storage technology.

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250kW Siemens SIESTORAGE system
250kW Siemens SIESTORAGE system

Our energy storage test suite includes:

  • Siemens SIESTORAGE battery-based energy storage system
    • 250kW 180kWh, configured as two interface power converters each with two paralleled battery banks
    • Low voltage 400V AC-grid connection
    • Islanding capability
    • dSPACE supervisory control system for rapid-prototyping of advanced control algorithms
  • 1MJ supercapacitor-based energy storage system
    • Six Maxwell 48V 165F modules
    • Dual-interleaved DC/DC boost converter
    • dSPACE supervisory control
  • NH Research 9200 battery tester
    • Four 120V 200A channels
    • Two 40V 600A channels
    • Enerchron software
  • ESPEC AR680 environmental chamber
    • 680litre capacity
    • +180°C to -70°C range
    • 100% relative humidity control
    • Commanded by Enerchron
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