Power electronic converter emulator

Power electronic converter control is crucial to meet the stringent demands of many applications, including consumer electronics, electric vehicles and grid scale systems. At high-power, cost and safety requirements limit the testing of advanced control algorithms on full-scale hardware and emulator systems offer a convenient alternative. 

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Typhoon emulator system
Typhoon emulator system

High-performance emulator systems have recently become available which enable power converter topologies to be emulated in real time. This allows the power converter(s) and associated sensors to be emulated and interfaced with the real control hardware, providing a safe and flexible environment for the development of advanced control algorithms.

Our power electronic emulator is a Typhoon HIL 600:

  • 20ns sampling enables switching frequencies up to 200kHz
  • 4 core Typhoon HIL Processor runs on Xilinx Virtek-6 FPGA and enables the emulation of four independent power electronic converter systems
  • Real-time control hardware connections
    • 8 analogue inputs
    • 16 analogue outputs
    • 32 digital inputs
    • 32 digital outputs
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