Test and measurement

Much of the Group’s research work uses hardware test systems to demonstrate new converter topologies, magnetic component concepts or machine designs, or to examine the performance of advanced control algorithms or condition monitoring techniques. High-performance measurement equipment is essential to enable accurate performance evaluation of these hardware systems.

If you have any queries please contact: Prof. A.J. Forsyth

Test and measurement equipment

The Group has three well-equipped research laboratories, and some of our test and measurement equipment is:

  • High performance LeCroy and Tektronix oscilloscopes ranging up to 1 GHz bandwidth and 12-bit resolution. Wide bandwidth current probes up to 500 A.
  • Range of waveform generators including systems from Tektronix and Hameg.
  • High-precision high-bandwidth impedance, network and power analysers.
  • Temperature data-logging systems and thermal imaging camera.
  • Real-time rapid controller prototyping platforms from dSPACE, ADI and National Instruments.
  • A suite of high-power uni- and bi-directional DC supplies ranging up to 64kW.
  • High Frequency power supply (2 kW, 350 kHz). For further info click here.
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