Research areas

The Group’s research is principally concerned with electro-mechanical and solid-state techniques for the conversion and control of electrical power across a wide range of applications, especially sustainable transport and energy supply, more specifically:


Condition monitoring

Monitoring the health of remote electrical equipment, such as wind turbines, enables maintenance to be planned, preventing costly and disruptive downtime.


Electrical machines

Efficient electro-mechanical power conversion using electrical machine drives is essential to renewables, industrial processes and low-carbon transport.


Energy storage

Reconciling the demand and availability of electrical power is a growing challenge in networks / smart grids, on board vehicles and for mobile devices.



Power electronics

Power electronics is everywhere, underpinning the operation of consumer gadgets, industrial systems, renewable generation, low-carbon transport and power networks.


Superconducting applications

High temperature superconducting materials (25 -77K) can dramatically reduce the weight and footprint of electrical equipment.


System integration

The more-electric revolution is transforming land, air, rail and sea transport, creating a range of system integration challenges.


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