Jameel Bradley Khan

Jameel Bradley Khan
Jameel Bradley Khan

I enjoy the challenges within the PhD project itself, working with my supervisor and the interaction with the Power Conversion group.

Project title: Electromagnetic Behaviour of Composite Materials.

Before I joined the Power Conversion group…

I graduated from the University of the West Indies in 2012 with a BSc. Electrical and Computer Engineering. Following that, I worked at T&TEC Transmission Division and Engineering Services for one year. I then started a MSc. Electrical Energy Conversion Systems at The University of Manchester and graduated September 2014.

I chose Power Conversion because …

I decided to do a PhD at The University of Manchester because I developed a passion for Electromagnetics and Machine Design during my MSc and the Power Conversion group provided the best environment and support required for this research.

How do you think you are benefiting from studying in Power Conversion?

I have gained an in-depth understanding of electromagnetics and machine design and have benefited from working with one of the top machine design Professors, along with all the experienced and passionate staff at The University of Manchester.

I am developing my ability to review and critically analysed past research work efficiently. I have also enhanced my skills in using finite element analysis software and improved my networking skills as many meetings involved industry collaboration.

What advice would you give to students considering applying for a PhD?

The University of Manchester is an ideal place to pursue a PhD. It provides many activities that can ensure you have a balance lifestyle. The city is multi-cultural, so the chance of finding a restaurant with food from your home country is very likely. Most of all the staff are very experience and knowledgeable.

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