Power Conversion Seminars

This monthly seminar series is given by research staff from the Power Conversion Research Group.

Time: 15.00-16.00

DateSpeakerSeminar TitleLocation
06/10/15 Dr. Pete James - Lyra Electronics Power electronics for electric vehicles Sackville Street, Room F47
XX/10/15 TBC Guest lecture - to be delivered by HVPD TBC
19/11/15 J. Khan Electromagnetic study of Composites Sackville Street, Room D45a
10/12/15 R. Velasquez Analysis of high speed induction motors Sackville Street, Room D45b


I. Baptiste Multi-Terminal HVDC Converter Control Sackville Street, Room D45a
18/02/16 J. Scoltock Design Optimisation of Multi-kW SiC-Based DC-DC Converters Sackville Street, Room D45a
17/03/16 R. Shah

Interaction analysis and factors affecting the operation of offshore AC grid

21/04/16 T. Ki High-speed control for DC-DC converters Sackville Street, Room D45a
19/05/16 R. Yapa Power Dense SiC DC-AC Converters  for Aircraft Applications Sackville Street, Room D45a
23/06/16 Y. Nauel Active Stabilising Control for Aircraft Electric Power system Sackville Street, Room D45b
21/07/16 A. Alarfe

Fibre optic sensing applications in electrical machinery

Sackville Street, Room D45a
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