Digital Signal Processing

Creating signal processing algorithms, hardware and instrumentation

Major project example: Signal Wizard real-time DSP

Signal Wizard is a real-time digital signal processing system (circuit  board, firmware operating system and high-level software) for audio-bandwidth signal processing. Essentially it is a very flexible linear systems emulator that can be used to design standard or entirely arbitrary filters and execute them in real-time. This includes  FIR, IIR and adaptive types. 

Example uses include a joint inititive with the University of Cambridge to digitally replicate the sound of acoustic violins with high fidelity.

Research focus

We make sensor instrumentation and signal processing algorithms for extracting information from raw sensor data. We have a particular specialism for real-time signal analyses and hardware acceleration for fast signal processing in portable and power constrained situations. Our technologies have many applications in non-destructive testing and biomedical engineering.

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