Research focus

The following are the main research themes and associated topics.

Colour vision and image processing

  • Sensor limits on surface-colour perception
  • Second- and third-order natural scene statistics
  • Colour constancy in natural scenes and scene statistics
  • Information-theoretic estimates of colour-coding efficiency
  • High-resolution hyperspectral imaging (download Matlab images)
  • Frequency of metamerism in natural scenes
  • Low-dimensional models of reflectance spectra
  • Spectral positioning of sensors to maximize colour information from natural scenes
  • Measuring color constancy
  • Non-parametric local polynomial estimates of stimulus-response functions
  • Mutual-information estimates in non-Gaussian channels

Embedded vision systems and imaging sensors

  • Embedded vision systems
  • Imaging sensors
  • Lens-less and non-linear imaging
  • Digital systems for front-end image processing
  • Heterogeneous computation

Neural networks and pattern recognition

  • Self-organising neural networks and unsupervised learning algorithms
  • Dimensionality reduction and data visualisation
  • Information-theoretic approach to neuronal signal processing
  • Face image recognition and biometric systems
  • Information and image retrieval
  • Neural approaches to financial time series modelling and analysis
  • Multi-modal information fusion and complexity theory
  • Bioinformatics (gene expression analysis and protein metabolic pathway analysis)
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