The School has long been recognised for its high quality, high calibre research, both theoretical and applied, which puts it among the pre-eminent leaders in the field, nationally and internationally. Key research themes are listed below:

Electronics in Agriculture - eAgri

Integrating sensors, electronics, control, power systems and ICT engineering into agriculture is a key enabler for delivering improved food supply and sustainable energy production without increased burden on the limited fertile land-bank. This exploitation of non-traditional technologies to improve global farming is particularly timely given the projected growth in the world population.



Energy research is carried out at Manchester across a wide range of areas centred on energy resources, production, transportation and consumption. Linking these areas is their impact on energy policy, economics and societal issues. Activity based in the Faculties links to the work carried out by the main research institutes.


Autonomous Systems

Traditional methods of remotely controlling systems by manual operation become inadequate as the systems and the tasks required increase in complexity, particularly in changing and challenging environments. In recent times, the demand for technologies that  operate with minimal human intervention has become acute.


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