Electronics in Agriculture

The introduction of electronics in agriculture technologies into Agri-Food research, products and services requires new academic partnerships to be fostered across the University and elsewhere.

The activity is managed by a cross disciplinary, industry and academic steering team which will also be tasked with delivering the longer term e-Agri strategy.

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e-Agri Sensors Centre

Delivered the first commercial networked crop-disease biosensor. Created the e-Agri brand and hosted the Landscaping event, led by the UK Chief Government Scientist.

To learn more, please visit the e-Agri Sensors Centre page. 

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We are currently part of the following major projects

The N8 Agri-Food Programme
The Global Food Security ‘IKnowFood’ project

Research Focus

The primary areas of focus for research in e-Agri are as follows:

Sensing above the crop‌

Hyper-weeding: On tractor hyperspectral sensors for high-speed detection and eradication of weeds.


Sensing below the roots

Low cost networked soil moisture sensors to dynamically map the fluxes in moisture across field.

Sensing post harvest

The science behind ‘sell by dates’: Plastic electronic thermal sensors for printable RFIDs to track the perishable goods in the supply chain.

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