Charles Veys (PhD)

Multispectral Imaging, University of Manchester


Charles Veys is a third year PhD Research Engineer within the e-Agri Sensors Centre, University of Manchester, where he undertook his undergraduate masters in Mechatronics within the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. In his final year project he developed a device to realise sustainable rice production within developing economies. This project gave him an insight on how his engineering skills could be used on an area that has broad commercial prospect, whilst still being socially motivated. His initial work on developing an on-board crop vision system was continued onto a PhD.



  • Research

    Charles’ PhD project is to develop crop diagnostic imaging sensors for detecting disease and identifying weeds using a method of active multispectral imaging. Existing technologies, available for these kinds of detection, are expensive and largely lab based. The key challenge of this project is to use low-cost technology, such that it is feasible to implement in effected developing economies, such as India and Sub-Saharan Africa. The main aim of the project is to demonstrate novel scientific feasibility and make precision agriculture accessible across the realms of the agricultural community.

  • Contact Details


    Sackville Street Building - B37
    School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    University of Manchester
    M13 9PL

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