Dr. Giles Johnson

Senior Lecturer | Plant Science | University of Manchester


Dr. Giles Johnson is a senior lecturer of Plant Science Research Group at the university of Manchester. He is from a plant biology background. Dr. Giles has gained quite lot of experiences in techniques that are relevant to the technology that are being developed by the e-Agri group. For example, chlorophyll fluorescence analysis that is a technique that has potential to be used in remote sensing. Another one is to manipulate plants and grow plants, which are used for tech testing purposes.

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  • Research

    Dr. Giles is presently working on a research, which is looking at how plants respond to, and is affected by their environment. Thus, environmental factors including water availability, temperature, salinity and sunlight are the main interests. The lab-based works are primarily used to examine the responses of plant with changes to their surrounding environment and is a mixture of short-term experiments lasting about half an hour to an hour.

    Also looking at growing plants in different conditions for longer period of time, temperature, etc. Moreover the research also looks into how plant responds to drought conditions or if salinity is increased. Therefore it is essentially looking into developmental changes as to how plants grow in different environment conditions. The ultimate aim is to identify the traits, which are potentially important for agriculture that might be bred into crop plants to increase yield.

  • Contact Details

    Email: giles.johnson@manchester.ac.uk
    Phone: 0161 2755750
    Fax: 0161 2755750

    Michael Smith Building - D.3516
    Faculty of Life Sciences
    University of Manchester
    M13 9PT

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