Dr. James Winterburn

Lecturer of Chemical Engineering, University of Manchester


James started as a Lecturer in Chemical Engineering in 2013. His current research interests are focused around industrial biotechnology and the efficient production and separation of bio-based products, such as biosurfactants and biopolymers. He is from a Biochemical Engineering background and his interests lies is fermentation process.

With regard to e-Agri, Dr. James Winterburn along with Professor Bruce Grieve and Professor Krikor Ozanyan is working with the Columbian Coffee producers to produce high quality coffee.

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  • Research

    The process of making coffee starting from picking the cherries to grinding the roasted coffee beans, fermentation is an important process. The aim of the research is look into how the quality of the coffee can be improved by improving the process and to understand how the fermentation process affects the chemical composition of coffee.

    After the effect has been determined the objective is to come with better, low-cost, farm based solution to enable and give the farmers an idea of how the process is performing and whether high quality coffee can be produced with this process or not. Therefore, the focus of the project is to come up with some hand held device that can tell the farmers what their coffee quality is before it is sent to the testing panel and hence determine the profitability from that coffee. For this project the samples of the green almond coffee that’s already fermented and those that are fermented for different amount of time and also the roasted coffee are shipped back here. These samples are then put through a rigorous and complex analysis to understand how the chemical composition of the coffee changes and where the sources of their ability in the process are so that it can be changed.




  • Contact Details

    Email: james.winterburn@manchester.ac.uk
    Phone: 0161 3064891 
    Fax: 0161 3064891

    The Mill - C76 
    School of Chemical and Analytical Engineering 
    University of Manchester 
    M13 9PL

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