Professor Bruce Grieve

Director of e-Agri Sensors Centre, University of Manchester


Professor Bruce Grieve is the Director of E-Agri Sensors Centre. He supervises a team of 7 PhDs and 3 Post Doctoral Research Associates. He is the ex-Chair of the Sensors & Instrumentation KTN and currently Chair of the IET's Measurement, Sensors and Instrumentation Exec.

Dr. Grieve has been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Senior Fellowship to progress his sensors research and has been identified by the Science Media Centre as the spokesperson for e-Agri.

Currently Professor Bruce Grieve is Director of e-Agri Sensors Centre.

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  • Research

    Above the soil, hyper spectral imaging is an ongoing research that Bruce is supervising. The hyper spectral imaging is a technique whereby the electromagnetic spectrum is collected and processed. Human eye can only see the RGB (Red, Green and Blue) spectrum; this research is to determine how these divides up and then pick out other features that the naked eye cannot perceive and then go into the non-visual parts of the spectrum. This helps to pick up plant diseases, pathogens, viral infections, etc. quickly. Instead going in depth about the fundamental plant or viral science this project focus on delivering the engineering required to study them.

    In the subsoil region low cost approaches to picking up how the roots retains soil moisture or the way it interacts with the soil and the microbes in the soil around it something called the Rizosphere by looking at the electrical impedance mapping and creating a 3 dimensional map of the soil. Then a low cost hardware can be produced where the software is actually quite complex to read however, research is likely to produce units that can monitor large portions of plants and is hopefully a game changer compare to the huge plant phenotyping laboratories.


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