Professor Patrick Gaydecki

Professor of Digital Signal Processing, University of Manchester


Professor Patrick Gaydecki is the Professor of Digital Singnal Processing at the University of Manchester. He is associated with e-Agri with regards to feasibility project, which is in collaboration with the University of Lancaster.

The subject of research is insect tracking during the daytime in particular the monitoring the bee movement above the crop canopy. The main objective is to increase yield and farming efficiency.

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    The main challenge of the research is insect tracking during daytime since it is difficult to see small insects against the bright sunlight. The methodology adopted to overcome this challenge is to use infrared illumination at 780 nm. This particular frequency is used because the sunlight reaching the earth’s atmosphere loses its strength due to atmospheric absorption through oxygen hence is not susceptible to sunlight.

    The principle of operation of detecting flying bees is illumination of a volume above the crop canopy with a LASER operating at 780 nm and downfield from that operating in forward scattering regimes there is a camera fitted with 780 nm filter. Thus the only thing seen by the camera is the forward scattered light in particular from the wings of the bees. The uses of this project lies at the method of pollination. Almost all crops are pollinated by external agent commonly the bees but very little is know about the bee pollination behavior in particular flight behavior. Therefore this project provides an opportunity to quantify bee movement and establish a relationship between the bee activities in crop margins and the crop itself, which is significant when considering insect movement above it.

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