Samuel Joshua

Samuel Joshua

The laboratory facilities available at the School are excellent and the course tutors are very supportive, providing technical and moral support.


Course dates: 2004 -2005

Current occupation: Electrical and Instrument Engineer at Wood Group PSN


The route I took to my current position was not an easy one. It took determination, hard work, patience, staying positive and the ability to deliver results. I started off as a graduate engineer in control systems with ABB. To break into the oil and gas industry it is important to have experience but it also helps to be at the right place, like Aberdeen, for oil and gas job opportunities.

I gained further experience as a project engineer with electro flow controls in Aberdeen, which involved the design and development of control and instrumentation systems for offshore drilling ships. This experience made me look for opportunities with Wood Group PSN as an Electrical and Instrument Engineer for the Triton FPSO's.

This role has allowed me to provide technical support, vendor work scopes, maintain instrumentation and control systems offshore. I am also involved with the HSE Key Programme 4 that looks at the obsolescence of electronic and control systems.

I enjoy challenging myself and delivering results. The most enjoyable moment of my current role was when I arrived for the first time offshore on Triton FPSO. It is a converted floating ship and seeing all the systems on-board was great. We had a problem with the waste heat recovery systems and I was asked to help to resolve the issue. I was put on the spot and finally recovered the system within an hour.

Another aspect of my role that I enjoy is supplying work scopes to third party vendors to upgrade our systems on-board. I attend factory acceptance tests onshore and I am involve in the commissioning of systems.

The laboratory facilities available at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering are excellent and the course tutors are very supportive, providing technical and moral support. I would like to thank Dr.Ozanyan, my supervisor, for all his support and help during my project work.

This course is very intensive and involves hard work, dedication, timely completion of assignments and projects. The course itself challenges you to perform to your level best.

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