Ali Ghasemi

Ali Ghasemi

Studying this subject and working in industry for more than a year placed me in the position where I could select any profession which requires creativity, analytical and problem solving skills.

At an early age, I decided I would like a career in engineering with the challenges it presents. I have always been fascinated by the great engineers and the contributions they have made to modern life. The impacts of modern electronic on our day to day livelihood inspired me to pursue a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Selecting university was based on my research and understanding that Manchester University provides outstanding courses; has world class research reputation and the school of Electrical and Electronic Engineering placed as the top Russell Group university.

By selecting Manchester University I was hoping to be offered a platform to develop depth skills and technological knowledge to be part of innovation and overcome today's challenges. My experience has met my expectations. The course is very well structured and staffs and academics are responsive to student input. Majority of the modules involve practical work and during the second year students undertake a group project to develop team work and leadership. In third year individual student is required to undertake a project which allows them to work on their own initiative; develop their management skills; work independently and develop their own project idea.

My third year project was about investigating the energy efficiency of a wireless network such as LTE Advanced (5G) by modelling a wireless network and developing different cell deployment strategies to reduce the power consumption of the network. The supervisor was very supportive and provided me academic supports and encouragement throughout the year. The individual project increased my analytical, problem solving and management skills substantially. At the end of the year I was provided with the feedback of "exceptional achievement and an outstanding performance" from my supervisor which enhanced my self-confidence significantly.

In my year placement I worked for NXP Semiconductors. My role was to work with Advanced Technology Team to develop new generation of power MOSFET technology and to release the latest power semiconductor technology. This role enabled me to understand the importance of team work in a cross functional team and to liaise with different departments across the business.

Whilst working on a complex project in a friendly environment with number of talented, supportive and professional colleagues I developed variety of core competences such as project management, problem solving and team work. Being exposed to wide range of professions in semiconductor industry; gaining a deeper insight into the industrial world of engineering and understanding of the physics and manufacture of power semiconductor devices have assisted me to establish my future career.

The amount of knowledge and experience gained from the placement were immense and will certainly help me with my final year studies and my future professional career. My motivation and contribution to the team were deeply appreciated by colleagues and managers and the feedback I received from them was very encouraging. I thoroughly enjoyed my placement and my confidence to work in an engineering industry was boosted significantly.

I came to the conclusion that I made the right decision by selecting The University of Manchester for studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering and working in industry. Studying this subject and working in industry for more than a year placed me in the position where I could select any profession which requires creativity, analytical and problem solving skills.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to pursue engineering career. I have no doubts that the skills and knowledge I have developed through my study and placement have prepared me to tackle today's technological challenges.

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