Social impact

What we do to support social and economic change

We live in interesting but also challenging times. Growing world population is putting pressure on water, food, energy, healthcare, shelter and sanitation.

Issues of poverty, world security and sustainability remain intractable. Therefore one of the key objectives of research must be to deliver knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to address these global challenges.

We show cases here how our work in the School is contributing to solving these challenges and impacting lives around the world.

Future work

Whole system impacts and socio-economics of wide scale PV integration

This project sets out the scientific, technical and socio-economic grand challenge of wide scale integration of photovoltaic systems (PV) into electric power systems with particular focus on the UK.

Schools & Colleges

Our lecturers, researchers and students are involved in a wide range of outreach and engagement activities. Click to find out more.

Equality & Diversity

Learn more about equality and diversity at the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

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