Education Partnerships in Africa (EPA)

Working with African universities to improve Higher Education.                                                                               Further information

Dr J Mutale is participating in the Education Partnerships in Africa (EPA) programme focusing on enabling African academic and industrial partners to develop the local expertise needed to grow their economies.

The School has established a partnership with the School of Engineering at the University of Zambia to extend this research through the development of structured final year Undergraduate project modules.  This ensures that the engineering training given to these undergraduates is of the highest international standard so that their qualification can be internationally recognised. 

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Local Industry supporting local universities

Following the success of the initial UK Government funded Education Partnerships in Africa (EPA) project, local industry in Zambia recognised the value of the engineering training being given at The University of Zambia and the Copperbelt University have continued to provide funding for the initiative.

This has enabled refurbishment and improvement of teaching facilities as well as renewal of laboratory equipment. A list of the projects that have been undertaken under the EPA programme is given Table 1 in the attached document. Further information

The EPA programme also enables leading research academics from The University of Manchester to travel to Zambia to deliver teaching programmes and engage in on-going research with Zambian colleagues.

International and donor community support

EPA galvanises international companies and donor community to support EPA

  • ABB, which has substantial projects in Zambia, has committed to raise funds through the Swedish Embassy and others to fund state of the art communication and control equipment for the demonstration substation for education and research purposes.
  • The Finnish Embassy funded a study to expand EPA and put it on a sustainable footing.
Refurbishment of the University of Zambia Main Library

EPA takes on an ambitious new major project, modernisation and refurbishment of the University of Zambia Main Library.

The project aims to modernise the library of the University of Zambia.  The University of Zambia Library has been in use since it was opened on 27 August 1969, 45 years ago. Over this period very little refurbishment has been carried out to the library due to chronic underfunding of the University.

Like most of other EPA initiatives, this project is being led by local experts.

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