Advanced Control and Systems Engineering [MSc]

Why this MSc?

oil plant, advance control and systems engineering MSc

This MSc will provide you with both the theoretical underpinning necessary to fully understand the principles of control systems technology and the practical knowledge required to confidently apply this technology to solve a wide variety of industrial problems.

Teaching comprises of lectures, small group tutorials and practical laboratory classes. The practical elements make use of one of the most modern and well-equipped control laboratories in the United Kingdom. This laboratory, supported extensively by National Instruments, will allow you to design and implement the very latest control systems technology to a wide range of industrial systems, including robotic manipulators, autonomous aerial vehicles and petrochemical and process units.

Over the last ten years there has been a growing recognition of the importance of control and systems engineering and the benefits that it can offer across a broad range of industries.

The growing need to improve the efficiency of electrical, mechanical and chemical processes and the increased role that automated systems, such as autonomous vehicles and robots play in our every day lives, has seen control systems being embraced by almost all areas of science and engineering. The MSc course explains how control engineering can be applied in traditional industrial systems, such as petrochemical plants and also describes the application of control to the latest engineering technology, such as humanoid robots, unmanned aerial vehicles and power generation. Our graduates have found employment in many industrial sectors, including the petrochemical, robotics and automotive industries.

Furthermore, our graduates are well prepared to undertake further research studies and many of our graduates are currently completing PhD degrees at The University of Manchester and other leading research institutes around the world.

Excellence in Research

The Advanced Control and Systems Engineering course is run by the School ofElectrical & Electronic Engineering. This School has been, for decades, one of the largest electrical and electronic engineering departments in the UK. In the latest Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) of 2008, it confirmed its position at the forefront of research in this subject area. In terms of research quality it was ranked 2nd in the UK confirming its world class research reputation.

Excellence in Teaching

The undergraduate courses in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering were recently rated by our graduatingstudents as the top courses, offered by any of the leading Russell Group universities in England. This illustrates the importance that the School places on its teaching programmes to ensure that the student experience at Manchester is amongst the best in the world.

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