Renewable Energy and Clean Technology [MSc]

Renewable Energy and Clean Technology

The Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REaCT) course focuses on the key areas which underpin the rapidly developing renewable energy and low carbon sectors. It will give you the skills and knowledge required to contribute to the design, development and planning of clean energy infrastructure - probably the greatest engineering goal of the 21st century.

The course is built around a core understanding of electrical power generation from solar, wind and marine sources and covers the interfacing and distribution technologies needed to exploit these sources. Equally, the impact of renewable energy will be diminished if demand and carbon emission are not reduced, these topics are key to the course.

This multidisciplinary course is geared towards teaching the skills needed by employers in a sector which is set to expand as fossil fuels decline and carbon emission is reduced. It will equip you with the tools required for research into future energy sources and low carbon technologies.

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