Renewable Energy and Clean Technology [MSc]

Why this MSc?

This MSc will provide you with both the theoretical underpinning necessary to fully understand the principles of renewable energy generation and the practical knowledge required to develop and exploit these technologies.

Teaching comprises of lectures, group tutorials and practical laboratory and software classes. The practical elements make use of modern, well-equipped laboratories in the Schools of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical and Civil Engineering and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change, making this a truly multidisciplinary course. Our laboratories will allow you to gain the practical design and design skills which will enable you to contribute to advancing renewable energy generation and exploitation. These technologies have enormous economic significance and so the course is designed also to train you in their optimisation for specific regional and climatic conditions, and to understand how to plan for their efficient use.

The urgent need to develop efficient renewable energy systems, to distribute the energy efficiently and to minimise energy wastage are all central to meeting global carbon emission targets. The technology and infrastructure development required represents a huge engineering challenge. A new generation of engineers, with multidisciplinary training, is required to meet this challenge and the REaCT course has been developed to help contribute to this urgent need.

By the middle of this century we will face a different world: rich in renewable electrical energy sources, distributed with smart grid technology and helping to sustain transport, communications and managing urban lighting and temperature control.  Our cities, towns and villages will be greatly enhanced by renewable. To achieve this goal it essential that renewable technologies are improved across all sectors. It is equally important that engineers have the skills to plan and integrate the appropriate form of renewable energy within a complex urban landscape.

The REaCT course will give our graduates the depth and breadth of training which will prepare them to become involved in this technology revolution either by joining the renewable industry or by undertaking further research studies as part of a Manchester PhD programme.

Excellence in Research

The Renewable Energy and Clean Technology course is run by the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. This School has been, for decades, one of the largest electrical and electronic engineering departments in the UK. In the latest Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) of 2008, it confirmed its position at the forefront of research in this subject area. In terms of research quality it was ranked 2nd in the UK confirming its world class research reputation.

Excellence in Teaching

The undergraduate courses in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering were recently rated by our graduating students as the top courses, offered by any of the leading Russell Group universities in England. This illustrates the importance that the School places on its teaching programmes to ensure that the student experience at Manchester is amongst the best in the world.

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