Postgraduate research conference

The annual School PGR Poster Conference was held on Wednesday 20 November 2013 in the Entrance Hall, Sackville Street Building. All 2nd Year PhD students prepare a poster illustrating their research and present it at the event and this is then judged by members of the School Industrial Advisory Group.


Mohammadreza Sadeghi

Project title: InGaAs-AIGaAs-GaAs Nano Tesla Quantum Well Hall Effect Integrated Circuits

Runner up

Priya Shinghal

Prpject title: Conventional vs Flipped GaAs pHEMT Cascode Cell for DC-110 GHz MMIC Distributed Amplifier Design

Runner up

Kavul Tshiloz

Project title: Sensor-Less Speed Estimation for Wind Turbine Generators (DFIG & Optislip)

Runner up

Jonathan Schacter

Project title: Flexible Transimission Network Investment under Uncertainties

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