Research degrees

The School's research is focused on three main research themes. We have extensive research facilities, covering almost all aspects of electronic and electrical engineering with all research undertaken within research groups. 

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

A PhD is the goal of postgraduate students who relish the opportunity to undertake a substantial research project with a clear intellectual, scientific, industrial or commercial relevance and challenge. If you come to us from industry you might well find it possible to undertake a project in an area which is of particular value to your organisation as well as to your own advanced training.

If you already have some experience of research work you may enter for this degree direct. A minimum of three years of study is required. In almost all cases your supervisor will recommend that you attend modules from the taught MSc courses and the supporting studies course, provided by the Graduate Personal Development Programme (GPDP). More usually, you will be registered in the first instance for the degree of MPhil; and may then transfer to the PhD course at the end of the first year. The PhD then requires a minimum of two further years of study. 

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

If you wish to qualify for an MPhil you must submit a thesis setting out the results of original work; this can be done in any one of the fields covered by the School. A minimum of 12 months of study is required.

Engineering Doctorate (EngD)

The EngD degree is a four-year course with the same high standards of research training as the PhD but also incorporating a framework of industrial management.

The School is engaged in fundamental, long term research and in exploration of more immediate interests and applications within industry. Research projects are coordinated by various research groups.

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