Entry requirements

Our courses require three A-levels at AAB/AAA or equivalent, including Maths and either Physics, Electronics or Further Maths. 

The School offers a total of approximately 160 places to suitably qualified students. Your application will be treated on its merit and we would usually invite you on a UCAS visit day. For details of the specific entry requirement visit the course profile pages.

Teachers, particularly those responsible for careers guidance, are also welcome to visit. We are also happy to advise pre-university students about careers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and to send a representative to careers evenings and careers conventions.

Mature Students

We welcome students over 21 years of age, particularly with relevant industrial experience. You will need to demonstrate a high degree of motivation and a good mathematical knowledge with a recent Level 3 qualification. If you would like advice on admissions requirements please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Foundation Year

If you do not have the appropriate subject background for direct entry to first year, or you have not studied the appropriate subjects to the required depth, you might be eligible to undertake a Foundation Year programme to bring you up to the right level for first year entry.  Read more about Foundation Year programme.

Direct entry into the 2nd year of our undergraduate degree courses:

We receive applications from students requesting direct admission to the second year of our undergraduate degree programmes. Such students will normally have completed a relevant Diploma course in a Polytechnic or University abroad and will have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.5 or have completed the first year of an appropriate degree programme in the UK and have achieved an average mark of at least 70%. You should refer to the content of the first year of our degree programmes to verify that you have the required pre-requisites for direct entry into the second year. For more information on this please contact the admissions team at ug-eee@manchester.ac.uk.

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